Aanson’s Journal

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Adventure No. 1 – freyan Assistance

Note: PD1
– Is a measure of linear time – It means that this is the 1st day since Nymara, Keothi and myself began adventuring as a party

Day One,
Today I gathered at the local watering hole in Newgrome with my good friends Nymara and Keothi.  After a few hours of drink and merriment, we were approached by one of those awkward Freyan chaps.  He asked us if would could do a favor for the Council of Freya,

We met with Eric and Dave at the Church of Freya.  Dave (a council elder) informed us of a caravan that had failed to return from Stonegate (The realm’s capital).  Nymara, (being a cleric of Freya) Keothi (a valiant Goliath barbarian) and I willingly took up the Freyan cause.


The Hopkins’ Empire:
The Empire is led by the son of Sam Hopkins.  He reigns from a floating castle atop a floating landmass.  Sam Hopkins was reputed to have often been in the company of Purple Dragon.  For reasons unknown, Sam disappeared around the time of his 100th birthday.  The dragon is still seen occasionally to this day. The Empire has fallen into a level of chaos that has seen much noble infighting.  Many noble families have lost their luster, including my own family, the Aandersons.  The realm seems devoid of true leadership.

Loyal Orcs:  Many Orcs in the Orcish realm have sworn loyalty to the Hopkins.  They consider Sam Hopkins to be a deity

Elmira: She is the leader of the Drow Empire

The Travel to Stonegate
We discovered the remains of a caravan along the road to Stonegate.  It was an eerie sight.  There was a fire lit, 2 empty bedrolls stained with blood and some small footprints in the vicinity.  We also discovered a claw marked corpse by the encampment periphery.  Here we encountered and defeated two Monitor Lizards.  The skills of my traveling companions permitted a hasty dispatching of these beasts.  We noticed that they had been branded or marked.

The Cave
We uncovered a cave and inside we encountered another pair of monitor lizards. The vitality of Nymara and Keothi quickly saw the demise of these monsters.  Keothi discovered some more evildoers behind a secret door.  I recognized these creatures as a Goblin and a Hobgoblin.  Smash, whack, thud … they were dead.  Here we uncovered three crates that belonged to the Freyan temple.  We must return these for our reward.  Before leaving the cave we chanced upon another pack of beasties. We swiftly laid- waste one orc, three hobgoblins and six goblins, while capturing another hobgoblin.  The hobgoblin was unable to fully enlighten us about the raid, but we did garner some information.  The raiders were assailing all caravans in search of a specific item.  He was oblivious to the item’s identity but was convinced that the item belonged to the orc tribe.  He also told us about a treasure alcove hidden in the room.

Return to Newgrome
We quickly returned to Newgrome.  The Council of Freya was pleased that we returned their articles.  We spent some time training and honing our skills. 

Personal Notes
I have noticed that my allies have become much more evocative. It is now apparent that our friendship and my survival have become entwined.  I only hope I can benefit them in our future endeavors.  I recognize a budding uncertainty about my morality in this world of corruption and chaos.  Is this burning hatred for the Empire’s anarchy rooted in my family history, or do I feel a devotion to bring lawfulness and good back to the Empire … I am not certain ….

Adventure No. 2 – Gimbli’s Escorts and the Western Raids

Day Sixteen,
Once again, my acquaintances and I have gathered in the Newgrome.  Gimbli, a Dwarf from the Hammerclaw tribe has hired us to escort him to the Dwarven Mine, located in the Dwarven region southwest of Newgrome.  Gimbli stated that he is concerned about waylaid merchants along the route to the Dwarven Trading Post. 

Traveling to the Dwarven Trading Post
The journey to the trading post took about nineteen days.  On the way we had a few encounters

1.       Every three or four days we met with groups of Hopkins’’s Knights.  They continually reported no problems on the route.  I just don’t trust these fellows.

2.       On the fifteenth day of the journey we were besieged by ten Dretches – These vile demons were no match for us

3.       On the nineteenth day we met our match ... A Basilisk.  Locals were doing their best to fight off the basilisk, but the beast had the upper-hand.  We fought valiantly.  Keothi and I were turned to stone, but Nymara was able to slay the beast.  Nymara and the dwarves brought us to the Dwarven Trading Post.

The Trading Post
We were returned to flesh after a few weeks in refuge at the trading post.  Here we trained for a number of days, while Gimbli fashioned us some fine weaponry.  After a few weeks we were ready to return to Newgrome.  We decided that we might find the cause of these raids on the way, so we asked Gimbli if he needed any supplies brought to Newgrome.  He fitted us with another cart and some horses.  Our official quest was to bring some Dwarven ale to the Sleepy Willow Pub in Newgrome … Dwarven ale … Yuck!!!  We left on the fortieth day since my friends and became a traveling party.

The Travels to Newgrome
The return trip took twenty days.  We had a few encounters on the way

1.       On Day 15 (PD55) of the journey, we did battle with nine Orcs in a cave.  We deceived Gilgamesh, the orc band leader.  He told us about his leader and that he was told to raid.  He has a strong distaste for the Orcs that have become followers of Sam Hopkins. 

2.       We had managed to capture a number of Orcs in the cave.  During the 1st night in our captivity, three Hopkins’s Knights came and took our prisoners.  They informed us that we were due a reward at their base many days travel along the route to the west.  Nymara noticed that the knights could and did speak orc to our former prisoners.

3.       On Day 16, (PD56) we discovered a desecrated shrine to Obad-Hai.  That night we ran into a group of hunters that had discovered and desecrated the shrine

4.       On Day 17 (PD57) we killed four scorpions that had recently killed a Dire-Bear.  We recognized that these Scorpions were branded in a manner similar to the monitor lizards we encountered on our travels to Stonegate.

On day 19, (PD59) we arrived in Newgrome.  Each of us spent some time refining our skills.

Personal Notes
I now feel, and my acquaintances look like seasoned and skilled adventurers … We must look like a mighty trio. 

I continue to feel a ‘calling’ or desire to restore order and law to the Empire … The urge is growing stronger day by day.  Maybe I should meet with some Priests at the Temple of Pelor … No time for this now, I must practice my fluting …

PS Maybe I should consider giving my group a name … Something that inspires fear … brings joy … brings out good in the hearts of men … Another issue to contemplate later …